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Seiji Ozawa I have worked for over 30 years with men and women of all ages, individually or as couples, who are dealing with a broad range of struggles in contemporary life. Examples include stress management, acute anxiety, depression, trauma, relational conflicts, addictions, social inhibitions, and work performance issues.

Recovery of well-being, effective functioning, and enjoyment of life are the goals of my practice.

Lenox Town Hallr My orientation is psychodynamic psychotherapy. Classical psychoanalytic perspectives have evolved with the field and the times, and my work embraces the current contributions of attachment theory, object relations theory, and relational theory. I have participated throughout my years of practice in a weekly study group of professionals that incorporates the most current developments in psychotherapy.

My teaching is in the areas of clinical practice and human development. In addition to my book, numerous articles can be found in professional journals. The focus is always on understanding the role of psychodynamic underpinnings in identified disturbances and disruptions of functioning. In practice this translates as focus on the processes that derail health, mental health, relationships, and accomplishment in daily life.

Available for consultation and presentations to agencies and schools and other institutions that are developing or trying to address their service delivery.